What Can The Adelaide Techguy Do ?


You have heard me on the radio , seen me on TV and wonder if I will come and see you – yes I do and at a rate that may surprise you.

So for computer repairs in Adelaide and technology problems / issues – CALL ME on 0419829145 -read the details at  CONTACT ME

My service is PREMIUM – My focus is EDUCATION

There is a firm NO FIX, NO FEE policy*.

My philosophy is not the “I like Windows over everything else “or “I like Apple over everything else” or even “I like Google over everything else” commentary.

I personally think all solutions on the market today are worthy of consideration and it’s better to review to see what fits your needs. And that’s where I can help.

I will encourage you to stay with me, pull up a chair, lean over my shoulder, watch what I am doing, and ask questions of me or take notes. I am there to offer education and help you understand just that bit more about computers and technology.

Call the Adelaide Techguy if you:

  • Have a problem with your computer , whether it is Windows or Apple
  • Need help with Windows 10 ,8 , 7 , Vista or XP – yes I know XP and Vista are not supported
  • Need help with your Apple product – iCloud , iPad , iMac , iPhone
  • Need help / training with your smartphone or tablet ( Windows , Apple , Android or Microsoft Surface)
  • Need help to get the most out of Windows computer
  • Need training on computers ( Windows or Apple ) ,  One on One or group training
  • Need hardware ( printers , network ) setup the correct way
  • Need training on software , Windows or Apple
  • Want to purchase a domain name or need website hosting
  • Need Virus / Malware removed from your computer
  • Need your documents recovered from a virus infected hard drive
  • Social media explanations and setup – Facebook , Twitter etc

I have also recruited South Australia’s best to assist me when it comes to:

  • Computer Hardware – Custom Built Computers

Infected With Malware – Virus 

If you have been infected with a virus or malware and want to get it removed please contact me as I offer 2 options.

Option 1

  • Format and reinstall option with backup of documents

Option 2

  • Seven step virus / malware removal for those clients that do not want their computer formatted.
  • Please note that Option 2 may not work in all cases and Option 1 maybe your only choice

* When I am employed to offer an opinion on technology or your issue , standard charges apply or in some cases your issue may require hardware / software that the client “you” may not want and again standard charges apply.