Bought The iPhone5 & You Have Another iPhone – What To Do ?

So you have bought the iPhone5 and you already have an iPhone and would like to give it to a member of your family .

What do you do?

First remember that you should have a separate log on for your computer for every person that uses the computer.

Also make sure your new iPhone is correctly setup.

You can wipe the old iPhone by going to General – Settings – Reset – Erase All Contents and Settings.

You should do this.

Make sure you have your sim card in the iPhone.

Then plug the phone into the new owners account on iTunes

It will say “do you want to set this phone up as a new phone” 

You will notice that the old owners name maybe listed in  iTunes when you connected the iPhone , just right click on the phone and change the name. 

Now make sure you follow the instructions to setup your iPhone  

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