Browser Extensions – Time To Check

Browser extensions – we all seem to have them but when was the last time you looked as to which ones and how many you have installed.

First , a browser extension is a piece of software that you add to a web browser ( Edge , Chrome , Firefox ) to add additional features to it , for example an ad blocker.

However you really should limit the number of extensions you use in your browser. Just because an extension shows up on an official marketplace doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe.

Lately there have been reports of browser extensions taking advantage of you or you will find browser extensions have installed which you have no idea where they came from , these are usually the result of a browser infection.

Check the browser extensions you have installed and remove what you do not know or do not use.

You will find browser extensions in Chrome , Edge , Firefox – don’t know how to find them , checkout this link : How to Disable Extensions

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