Buying A Laptop – Why The Choice Of Hard Drive Is Important

Buying a laptop – why the choice of hard drive is important

When buying a laptop many people tend to buy ones with a large hard drive , say 1TB but will never fill that hard drive.These hard drives are also the old traditional spinning hard drive , which in many cases is not that quick.

You should look for laptops with solid state drives which make all the difference to the speed of the computer.

So why buy a computer with a solid state drive ( SSD)?

  • Faster boots and faster program loads compared to a traditional spinning hard drive
  • Seamless multitasking with faster backups, faster antivirus full system scans , in fact – faster in everything
  • Energy efficient as SSDs don’t have small moving parts, they require less energy to operate and can increase the life of your laptop’s battery
  • Less fan noise as SSDs stay cooler than hard drives, your fan doesn’t have to work as hard, which means less fan noise.
  • Increased durability and reliability as SSDs don’t have small moving parts that can be susceptible to damage.SSDs offer additional shock and vibration resistance for durability.

Author: Adelaide Techguy

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