Buying A New Smartphone – How Do I Transfer My Information

Whether it is an iPhone or an Android smartphone you need to make sure when changing your smartphone that all your information , contacts , photos etc comes over to your new phone.

On an iPhone you have 2 choices that I prefer.

Restore from iCloud backup or restore from iTunes backup , I prefer the iCloud backup restore but you need to make sure by going to your iCloud settings that you have actually backed everything up to iCloud first.Look in your settings and make sure a date is say yesterday or a few hours ago

If it did not work ( you may see a message saying your last iCloud backup failed ) you need to make sure it has worked before attempting a restore.

You can also you use Quick Start to transfer your data

On an Android phone the app Google One should be installed which will back your phone up then let you download to a new phone – you will have to pay for storage however.

On both make sure you know your Apple ID and password and for Google , your gmail address and password.

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