Cameras And Photography Discussion

Today on FIVEaa I discussed cameras and photography  

Want to learn more about photography , checkout this site

Easy Basic Photography  

Camera –Categories – Types

Digital SLR – top of the range , interchangeable lenses , all options to change and alter , have the biggest sensors , have a mirror to see through the lens 

Bridge Compact Digital Cameras – lens cannot be removed but has advanced options for photographers 

Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras – no mirror , see the scene through an electronic viewfinder 

Compact Digital – a point and shoot camera – cheapest of the range

Mobile Phone Camera – most of the up to date phones take great photos , iPhone , Samsung and Nokia ( has a 42 megapixel model ) 

Digital SLR , know when to buy at the right time , look at the end of life models , study when the new ones come out


The word Pixel is a shortened and combined version of the words Picture and Element. 

Every digital camera contains a device called the image sensor which has millions of light capturing cells. 

The light  captured at each cell location is called a digital camera pixel. For the record, there are one million pixels in a megapixel.

Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras have larger image sensors than a digital compact camera

The larger sensors produce larger pixels which leads to higher quality images.


Google Plus – install on your device – then it will upload all your photos to google up to 15GB free

Flikr – store up to 1TB in the cloud – free 

iCloud – store all your iPhone photos in the cloud 


On a computer – Adobe Photoshop Elements around $150 , shop around though 

Online photo editing Pixlr

Google Plus have some great features , pick the best smile , stitch for landscapes 

All About Google Plus And Photos


iPhoto for the ipad / iPhone 

Photoshop Express 


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