Catalina – Be Careful About Upgrading

Apples new operating system is a mixed bag currently – on a new computer it is great , secure , quick and the end of iTunes is not that bad.

However – there are issues . Apple have been warning people that if you have 32 bit apps they will not run on Catalina , but my phone has been running ” hot ” with people that have installed the upgrade and have now run into issues.

The first thing I will tell you is stop the automatic update until you are ready to install.

Go to System Preferences then ” Software Update ” and stop it by removing the tick .

Check for 32 bit apps on your computer : How To Check For 32 Bit Apps

Scan the list and see what impact this will have on you:

For example

  • Old versions of Office will not work
  • Audacity will not work
  • Epson scanners have an issue
  • Some Torrent software will not run

You then have to go through and find new versions of this 32 bit software , so be wise before you go to Catalina – there is no rush.

Here are some articles to read before attempting to install Catalina

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  1. Hi Richard have you got any info regarding the email problem with bigpond accounts I’ve upgraded my Mac pro to Catalina sorry I didn’t read your article before I did. I cannot receive or send emails since updating Telstra advise it’s not compatible, I don’t have a lot of faith in Telstra support people to solve the problem
    Regards Jim

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