Beware Of Toolbars Being Installed In Internet Browsers

I recently had reason to update my Adobe Shockwave Player and when installing it asked whether I would like to install a Free Norton Security Scan.

Norton - shockwave

My strong advise is , with all these additions to downloads that you can be offered , is to say NO.

Do not put the tick in that box.

There are many online virus scanners that will not intrude on your system and to install one with another piece of software is fraught with danger.

Browser Toolbars

Now for toolbars

I have seen many systems with multiple toolbars installed on them , some examples are:

  • Ask
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • My Search
  • Windows Live
  • Alexa
  • Ask Jeeves

My strong advice is don't install these toolbars , they will slow your system down and some toolbars are linked with rootkits and spyware ( not the one's listed above ) 


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Examples Of Fake Emails

The following are all fake emails that end up in peoples inbox. Clicking on the links can lead to : Infection by malware , virus Installation of Trojans designed to steal your banking details , personal details The above is one that claims my Bigpond account could be suspended , but it is a fake email that ended up in my Gmail spam folder. Notice the red bar warning me. Google produce a warning saying. Warning: This message may not be from whom it claims to be. Beware of following any links in it or of providing the sender with any personal information. The next is from Paypal asking me to update my details. Again it came with a warning from Google and it was sent to an email address I did not have with Paypal Next this one which supposedly comes from Adobe and Apple  The first warning is… Read More

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10 Steps For Virus Malware Prevention

How much time and money have you spent in having your computer repaired because you have become infected with spy ware and viruses? Spyware , virus’s , malware can be avoided if you follow some simple BEHAVIORAL rules. Remember if you get infected it is your fault not your computer’s. The first point to remember is that running antivirus software will not prevent you getting a virus. Antivirus software is there in the hope that once you have a virus on your computer it will be able to remove it. Here are 10 points to follow that should mean an infection free computer NUMBER 1 Update your operating system regularly. Turn on Automatic Updates on Windows and apply all critical updates immediately. Check optional updates on a regular basis. NUMBER 2 Update your software , PDF readers , Office , Flash  Adobe are responsible for  numerous infections unless patched NUMBER… Read More

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