Split Up From A Partner – You May Need To Take Action

Not all relationships last forever and many will share their passwords , logon details , account details with their partners in life.

So what do you do when things go wrong and your partner has known all your passwords and logins for your devices and accounts.

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Is Someone Else Using My Microsoft – Apple – Google – Facebook Account ?

Microsoft , Google , Facebook , Apple all can show you where and what devices you are signed into.

Why is this a great thing ?

Well if you are having issues with your account and wonder if someone else has access to your account ( they may know your password).

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It’s Scam Awareness Week

It is Scam Awareness Week which is run by the ACCC every year at this time. Here are 10 tips we should be on the lookout for to prevent us getting scammed. People asking you for money who you don’t know in person including asking you to buy iTunes gift cards People asking you for advance fees to receive a loan, prize or other winnings People asking you to move your conversation off Social Media (such as a separate email) People claiming to be a friend or relative in an emergency People claiming you owe money ( supposedly from the tax dept or a fine etc) Messages or posts with poor spelling and grammatical mistakes Emails with addresses that don’t match the official website Pages representing large companies, organizations or public figures that are not verified People or accounts directing you to a website/page to claim a prize People or… Read More

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So What Is The Problem With Antivirus Software

  There is a problem with antivirus software and let me say especially the commercial products. Antivirus software lulls you into a false sense of security – consumers and businesses think that , if I install and have paid for an Antivirus product I will be protected and I can do whatever I want on my computer. This is wrong. Yes wrong. Antivirus products can and do have issues and are great at catching 6 month old issues , thats why they fail against stopping zero day infections in most cases and can cause issues with operating systems , including making them non-booting , slowing them down and breaking some aspects. Google Found Disastrous Symantec and Norton Vulnerabilities That Are ‘As Bad As It Gets’ DELETE YOUR ANTIVIRUS, SAYS EX-FIREFOX DEVELOPER — WHO CLAIMS IT’S WORTHLESS Don’t feel comforted by an antivirus’s security certification Webroot deletes Windows files and causes… Read More

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