Questions I Am Asked About the NBN

Will switching to the NBN be quicker than my current connection ? In the majority of cases , depending on the plan you choose and the provider yes. One thing that will definitely improve is the upload speed. How do I know when the NBN is coming to my suburb ? You will be letter-boxed and representatives will knock on your door or go to the NBN website to get the date. What happens to my phone line and phone number ? To be sure you keep your phone number, ask your service provider to confirm that they will keep your phone number when you transfer your service over to the nbn™ network. However with some providers they are under no obligation to do this. What happens during a power failure ? You will lose your phone line and internet access so consider a UPS which may help for a while… Read More

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Internet issues – How Old Is Your Modem / Router

If you have internet connection issues constantly and are turning your modem/router off constantly ( even once a week ) to get a connection back , I may have a solution for you. It maybe time for a new one. Yes you should check with your ISP if the line is ok but having to turn it on and off all the time could be a sign you need a new one. I should also say that the average life of a modem/router appears to be about 2 years and remember these are just ” dumb ” computers. You should also check for any updates to these by logging in and checking for any updates

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A Telstra Fix For Non – Connecting Modems That May Restore Your Connection

If you are of the people that are having issues with connecting to the internet here is a step by step guide supplied by Telstra that will hopefully get you back online. Some points to note : However : when you have done the following REMEMBER :it can take up to 20 minutes for the fix to work ( BE PATIENT ) If your modem is 2 – 3 years old you maybe better off buying another modem , as the fix may not work with some older modems. I have spoken to a couple of customers and THE QUICKEST WAY TO GET YOU BACK ONLINE IS TO BUY A NEW MODEM OR WAIT FOR ONE TO BE DELIVERED. If you need a new modem as the reset has not worked go into a telstra store and fill out the form and one will be sent to you. You may… Read More

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Adware On Your Computer – Website Ownership – Crap App Of The Week

Do You Own Your Website Make sure you are the owner of your website. Check on :Who Is  What Is Adware ? Adware is unwanted software that uses undesirable methods to get installed on your computer, and then changes the behavior of your web browser , whether it is Internet Explorer , Firefox , Google Chrome or Safari Adware will put 3rd party ads into web pages, cause pop-up windows or tabs to open to advertising sites and alter your home page and or search engine. Adware may sound like malware but there are big differences. Adware has not been documented to involve keylogging, back doors or any other such malicious activities just unwanted advertising. That is why most anti-virus software does not detect most adware. Where did it come from? From an installer for some app you downloaded from ” certain sites” This may be a site like or Softonic, or a site offering streaming of “free” videos,… Read More

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Router Issues – Security – Internet Connection Problems

If you cannot connect to the Internet and you have an ADSL connection it can be the modem – they do not last forever. Some modems are a security risk which can transmit your data without you knowing. Click this link to the right to test the security of your router: TEST YOUR ROUTER. Look at the lights on the modem , there is an ADSL light on there ( Phone Symbol ) , no light , no phone line , no internet Know your login to the internet which comes from your isp and your password as you may have to logon to the router. Be aware that most ISPs other than Telstra will not be able to test your phone line and this can take up to 48 hours Make sure you have security on your modem for wifi – Routers And Security Change the login for your… Read More

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Contacting Your ISP – Make Sure Your Details Are Up To Date

When you sign up with an internet service provider you need to make sure that the account has the appropriate contacts on it.If it is done through a business make sure that say a receptionist or someone appropriate is also put down as a contact.Home owners should make sure that both husband and wife and in some cases their children ( if older ) are put down. The reason is that if there is a fault with the internet ISPs will only talk to the designated people listed and if they have to report a fault then they will only do that after getting authority from a listed customer or contact on the account.

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Lost Your Connection To The Internet


So your internet connection has stopped working , lets have a look at the issues surrounding this and try to come up with some solutions.

Firstly let's assume you are on ADSL and have a router.

Check all the lights on the router , is there an internet light on.

If there is no internet light on you will have to log onto your router to check if your user name and password has disappeared , this happens occasionally when repair people work on the exchange or you have accidentally reset the router.

If the password and user name is there but the service is down in your router's service page contact your isp as it can be a problem at their end.

In summary here is a checklist

  • Check the username and password in the router 
  • Check the router for lights and power ( when they stop working , they stop working )
  • Check all wires
  • Remember the reset button or hole on the back ( the paperclip is your friend but only insert for a couple of seconds , any more than 10 and you can reset it back to the factory settings)
  • Remember to restart the router after making any adjustments after you have saved your settings
  • Remember to restart your computer
  • Remember to have a copy of all instructions
  • Remember to spell out your password if you have to the ISP , who may or may not be proficient in English
  • Work through all problems , one at a time
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Internet Issues – Reset Your Internet Browsers

If you are experiencing problems with your internet browsers , add ons , pop ups etc , it maybe time to reset them back to their default state. On Windows computers , Internet Explorer is an important part of making sure that things run right as it contributes to making Windows Update work properly. But what happens when Internet Explorer stops working? You may need to reset Internet Explorer to its default settings so that it begins to work again. Remember that Windows Update not working can be a sign that you may have a malware infection. So how do you reset your browsers? Internet Explorer Close all Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer windows that are currently open.Open the Control Panel , find and open – Internet OptionsClick the Advanced tab, and then click Reset. Select the Delete personal settings check box if you would also like to remove browsing… Read More

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Fix Your Web Browser If Things Aren’t Running Right

If you have picked up a malware / virus infection this can damage your Windows system files and other settings. Malware infections can modify your Web browser’s homepage and the connection settings which reinfect your computer. This can also cause pop up adverts to appear , interrupt browsing, and generally annoy you. So what do you do? Before you start your Web browser you need to check your homepage and connection settings of your computer. Go to Start, Control Panel, and open Internet Options. Find your Home Page settings, and make sure that it’s not a site you did not set. Then go to the Connections tab and click the LAN settings button. Select Automatically detect settings next, unless your work or ISP requires a proxy.
 Then reset Internet Explorer – Click Here For Instructions For instructions on returning Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and the others to their default settings… Read More

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