Windows 10 Search – A Feature That Should Be Used

I see many computers that have turned off the Search toolbar in Windows 10 and this is a feature that should be turned on. Right click on the toolbar and go to Search – Show search box You can then search everything on your computer just by entering the term or narrow it down by going documents:apple – it will then search all your documents for the word apple. You can do this as well with say photos: – videos: etc You can also open up programs by keying in the program such as Word.

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Windows 7 – End of Life

Windows 7 – all good things come to an end and so does Microsofts support of Windows 7. Windows 7 support will finish in January 2020 – it seems a long way off but it is closer than you think and windows 7 has been around since 2009 – When support stops on a platform, it means it will no longer receive patches and when these exploits aren’t fixed – it is open season on your computer’s security. Why is support ending such a concern: No security updates – this means that you will vulnerable if you go onto the internet – this includes emails – these updates and patch fixes are the dam holding back a plethora of exploits and vulnerabilities that could bring your computer to a halt and place your data at risk . No feature updates Software will eventually stop supporting Windows 7 – as browsers… Read More

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Microsofts One Drive – Use It For Backing Up

One Drive – the Cloud Storage feature which is part of Windows 10 is a great service now that more people should be taking advantage of.

Microsoft give you 5GB of cloud storage for free with One Drive , however if you have an Office 365 account, you get a terabyte of online storage with your subscription.

This is enough to backup most computers.

So why use One Drive:

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Uninstall Programs On Windows Or Mac – What To Do ?

  When you uninstall programs from your Windows computer or your Apple computer you want to make sure you have removed ALL traces of the program. Most people will use the Programs and Features in Windows to uninstall software that they no longer use , however this will leave behind ” residue ” in the computer in the program files and in the registry. The same applies to the Mac with some of the program being left behind. That is why I recommend the following programs. Windows computers – Geek Uninstaller – The Free Edition – this also comes with a force removal which you can use when ” certain ” programs will not uninstall Mac computers – App Cleaner

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