Turn On Personal Hotspot On iPhone5 & iOS6

I was asked on 5AA this week about how to turn on the personal hotspot on the iPhone 5 in with iOS6. Personal hotspot is used to create a wifi network so you can connect to the internet through the iPhone using a Wifi device like a tablet , iPad etc or even a laptop. So how do you do this? Go to ” Settings” Then ” General “ Then “Cellular” Then ” Turn On Personal Hotspot “ For more information on Personal Hotspot check out this article from GottaBeMobile

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Invert Your Phones Colors For iPhones & Android Phones

Would you like to make black test white and white background black on your phones ? Well you can quiet easily and this is especially good if you use your phone in the dark. On the iPhone go to Settings – General – Accessibility  Then turn on ” Invert Colors “ On the Android phones go to   Settings – Accessibility  Then turn on “Inverted Rendering ”

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What Do I Have On My iPad?

One of the appealing aspects of the iPad is what apps have you bought to perform the tasks that you need from your iPad.

The following are my top apps for getting work done and for using my iPad:

  • Pages , for editing and creating word documents
  • Numbers , for editing and creating excel 
  • Todo Pro , the premium to do list organiser and for devotees of "Getting Things Done"
  • File Viewer , for transferring PDFs that I dont want to appear in iBooks
  • Dropbox , for access to all my files synced with Dropbox on my computer , allows you to also download and save files on your iPad.
  • Big Calculator , everyone needs a big calculator
  • Dictionary , for when you are stuck for a word
  • Evernote , the best note taking application that can be synced with your phone and computer 

I currently have 76 apps on my iPad but the ones I have listed are all designed to help me in my job.

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iPad Tips Part 3

This week is iPad week and here are another 2 tips

iPad Tip 5

The default signature  "sent from my iPad" may look fine but really you should change it.

  • Go to "settings"
  • Mail,Contacts,Calenders
  • Click on "Signature"

Then alter your signature

iPad signature change

iPad Tip 6

When it comes to copying and pasting text , you hold your finger down on a word until the command appears which will give you a selection choice.

Then tap , copy/ paste etc.

If you want to select a paragraph then tap 4 times.

iPad copy paste

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iPad Tips Part 2

This is iPad week , so here are another 2 tips for using the iPad

iPad Tip 3

So you want to type a word in all capitals , rather than keep hitting the shift key just double tap the shift key and you will have all caps.

iPad Capital letters in word

iPad Tip 4

With the iPad you are able  to password protect your apps , iTunes purchases , access to YouTube , access to Safari

So how do you do this

Go to Settings, then General, then Restrictions.

Press Enable Restrictions and type a password, then turn on the restrictions you want for the apps available. Please Note that the password you use for Restrictions is and should be different from your iTunes password 

iPad enable restrictions

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