Are You Using More Than One Antivirus Program?

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A Lesson In Checking For Updates

Zoom has become a most popular video conferencing platform, but since December last year had been receiving multiple complaints from Apple users that the microphone was still active even after ending a Zoom conference, obviously... Read more


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Audacity – The Free Audio Editor Has A New Version

Audacity the free audio editor that is extremely popular has a new version out now and owners of Apple computers would be very excited. Audacity under Catalina had issues ( recording audio , saving audio... Read more

Tech To Avoid – The 4 Horseman Of The Apocalypse

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Installing Software – Stop Ticking The Boxes

Software or an update to software can come with a screen that encourages you to put ticks in boxes that will install additional software that you do not need. Here is an example Just take... Read more

PDF – There Are Free Alternatives to Adobe

When opening a PDF lets stop relying on Adobe whether you are on a Windows computer or a Mac First what is a PDF ? PDF stands for “portable document format”. It was introduced to... Read more

VLC – The Media Player Of Choice

VLC can be used to play videos that you are given or have downloaded from the internet or can be used to play a DVD - ideal if you are on Windows 10. VLC is… Read more

Install What You Need – Uninstall What You Don’t Need – Steer Clear Of Free

The latest security tip is to only install on your computer what you need to complete what you do. Read more