How Do I Find My Duplicate Files?

We all have lots of files on our computers and sometimes we have lots of the same files – duplicates.

Well here are 3 software solutions that will scan your computer and look for duplicate files , but be warned that you need to read the instructions before running the software.

Duplicate Cleaner 

Duplicate Cleaner

Exact Duplicate Finder

Exact Duplicate Finder

Clone Spy

Clone Spy


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Accidentally Deleted A File And You Would Like It Back


So you have accidentally deleted a file from your computer and you would like to get it back.

Then try Recuva , software from  Piriform.

Recuva will scan your system and attempt to recover the file that you have deleted from your Windows computer , MP3 , recycle bin , didgital camera card.

Best of all it's free.

Here is a review of Recuva from Tekzilla

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Beware Of Toolbars Being Installed In Internet Browsers

I recently had reason to update my Adobe Shockwave Player and when installing it asked whether I would like to install a Free Norton Security Scan.

Norton - shockwave

My strong advise is , with all these additions to downloads that you can be offered , is to say NO.

Do not put the tick in that box.

There are many online virus scanners that will not intrude on your system and to install one with another piece of software is fraught with danger.

Browser Toolbars

Now for toolbars

I have seen many systems with multiple toolbars installed on them , some examples are:

  • Ask
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • My Search
  • Windows Live
  • Alexa
  • Ask Jeeves

My strong advice is don't install these toolbars , they will slow your system down and some toolbars are linked with rootkits and spyware ( not the one's listed above ) 


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How To Open Docx Files If Using Office 2003

Docx-file-viewer If you have not made the switch to Office 2007 from earlier version's and you receive documents that you cannot open ( such as doc x ) you will need the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word , Excel & PowerPoint 2007 File Formats.
As usual make sure you read the instructions before installing.

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The Apple Announcements Key Points

This post will be a work in progress on the Apple announcements  There are 3 main points to the Apple announcements overnight   Lion iOS5 iCloud   Lion the new operating system for Apple will be here in July and will cost $32 and be available for download from the App store , however it is a 4GB download. iOS 5 will be available in the spring in Australia  iOS 5 Key Points   A new Notification Center Tabs are finally here in Safari A Reading List in Safari for later consumption of web pages Reminders  Changes to Mail Updates and activation are not tied to a computer for iOS devices Twitter integration iMessages Wireless sync to iTunes Improved multitouch multitasking   Links to Apple Announcements Lion iOS5 iCloud

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Online OCR Software

Online ocr

OCR or optical character recognition is the capture ( usually by a scanner ) of text ( from a printed copy or handwriting ) into a document / file that you can edit.

When you scan a document into a computer with your scanner it will produce an image file then software is needed to convert the scanned image into text.

The conversion is OCR or optical character recognition.

There is now an online service at ONLINE OCR where you can upload the following image formats.

  • PDF (All types of PDF files including
    multi-page PDFs)

  • TIF/TIFF (Multipage TIFFs supported)
  • BMP
  • PCX
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • ZIP
    files containing
    the above types of files can also be uploaded.

And have the option of receiving the converted files in the following formats:

  • Adobe PDF
  • MS Word 2003/XP
  • MS Excel 2003/XP
  • Html 4.0
  • RTF
  • Text Plain

Checkout the website at Online OCR for more details

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PDF Alternatives , Do You Really Need Adobe ?

When it comes to opening PDF's Adobe has cornered the market but here are some great alternatives to use without using Adobe.

Fox It Reader is a great lightweight tool for reading PDFs and it's free

Cute PDF is great for creating PDFs and reading and it's free

Finally remember if you have a Google Account you will be able to open PDFs in G Mail.

Adobe has had a few security issues lately so it always pays to check for an updated version and do not turn off the automatic update checker.

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