Website Of The Week – Microsoft Garage – Snip

Sometimes you want to take a copy of what you have on your computer screen. Thats where screen capture software comes in. From the Microsoft Garage comes Snip a screen capture tool for Windows that will let you: Capture your whole screen or any part of it  Annotate that screen capture – great if you […]

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Ask Will Not Go – Here’s How To Get Rid Of It

Do you suffer from the Ask problem when you have ” inadvertently ” installed it. I have had great success removing it with the Geek Uninstaller , install the free version , run it and right click on ask when it comes up in the program list and select uninstall. The uninstaller will run then it […]

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Looking For Free CD DVD Burner Software

Looking for a free software alternative that will cater to most of your CD , DVD burning needs. There are 2 pieces of software you can choose from:  First you could use CD Burner XP CD Burner XP will: Burns discs – Data and Music Creates boot discs  Converts iso’s  It is suitable for Windows Vista […]

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Get Rid Of The Crap On A New PC

Many new computer’s come with software and trial versions of software that you will never use or need. Some examples are: MSN Toolbar Ask Toolbar Norton Online Backup Acer Registration Activate Norton Online Backup PDF Complete eBay Worldwide Skype Toolbars HP Advisor Bing Bar This is software that you should never have on your computer. […]

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Changing Your Antivirus – What To Do & What I Recommend

So you have decided to change antivirus software on your computer , here is what you should do. First make sure you thoroughly remove your current anti virus on your computer. Your antivirus solution can be un-installed from the Programs section in your Control Panel however some remnants may remain so you need to go […]

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Free Microsoft Office For Students & Teachers – Superfish – Crap App Of The Week

Microsoft have announced that Office 365 will be free for students and teachers with an eligible school email address. This will give them the full Office 365 experience. Once signed up for Office 365 you get: The latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access and Publisher installed on up to five PCs or Macs […]

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Registry Cleaners & Driver Updaters Really Annoy Me

Lately I am seeing a resurgence of people using registry cleaners and driver updaters that promise the world but rarely deliver and in some instances can do some damage or if you have downloaded one from an ad , it can infect your computer with malware. The ones to especially steer clear of are , […]

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Alternative’s To Photoshop Try Paint.Net & Gimp Or Adobe Creative Cloud 

Gimp and GIMP are FREE alternative's to Photoshop , the image editor and creation tool. 

Both & GIMP have many of the same features that you will find in Photoshop 

So what are some of the features that you will find.

  • Layers to compose your image
  • Special effects such as blurring , sharpening , redeye removal etc
  • Adjustments can be made such as brightness , saturation curves and levels , black & white conversion

And remember both and GIMP are FREE

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Cloud Storage – Lots Of Options & Lots Of Space

Looking to store your files in the cloud , there are many services for this with free space before you would have to upgrade and pay for more space. Dropbox – 2Gb free One Drive – 15Gb free – 1TB with Office 365 soon  Google Drive – 15Gb free Copy – 15Gb free Box – […]

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