Setting Up iPads & iPhones For Children

So you have bought an iPad or an iPhone for your children and were wondering about setting it up correctly for them. On the iPad you can enable restrictions for : Safari , You Tube Installing & Deleting Apps  Explicit Language Movies TV Shows Podcasts You can also turn Location Services off. Take the time to work through the iPad settings , a little bit of education goes a long way. More information can be found in the following article. Configuring an old iPad for your child

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The New iPad Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

I have had a Samsung Galaxy Tab for a while now as well as my iPad. Now if you had never used an iPad and picked up a Samsung Tablet you maybe quiet pleased with it. You can get on the internet with it , configure it for your Google account , Facebook , install apps etc. The screen is quiet clear and bright , the camera is fair and it works quiet well but remember what I said ” if you had never picked up an iPad”.  Now there are people that will never buy an Apple product for a myriad of reasons so they will buy anything else and very soon with Windows 8 there will be a plethora of tablets on the market so choice will never be greater, however , Apple have set the bar high and most if not all competitors currently do not reach… Read More

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What You Can Do If Infected By Malware / Virus

How do you know if you have spy-ware?

  • The computer has become slower.
  • Boot time dramatically increases.
  • Your home page has changed.
  • Toolbars appear that you didn’t download.
  • Windows Update stops working
  • New Items suddenly appear in you favorites
  • You search engine changes

So where to from here.

Firstly if using Windows XP , Vista or 7 scan your computer with Windows Defender and Windows Security Essentials
If it has been disabled try and start it and scan your system.
Check if you have open ports on your system by going to and go to ShieldsUP and running the program ShieldsUP
If it shows open ports that are a vulnerability ,then try and close these ports in your firewall setup.

Install and run what appears to be now the new favorite for spy-ware removal SuperAnti Spyware ,follow the installation instructions and leave at defaults.
Make sure you update the program before running.
Run this program in safe mode by rebooting your computer and pressing F8 as soon as the computer begins to start.
If successful at doing this you will be given options to start , choose safe mode.
Now run SuperAnti Spyware , action what it finds.

Then reboot your computer again into safe mode and run SuperAnti Spyware again , action what it finds and repeat until it finds nothing.

Next download and install Malware Antibytes run it again in safe mode, update it and do a full system scan.

Action what it finds.

you have done all the above and done a full system scan with your
anti-virus program and your computer is still not behaving properly.

REMEMBER there is no guarantee when removing spyware or virus’s that you will be able to remove all traces.

This leads to the final solution , format and reinstall your operating system.

This is the only guarantee that you have that all traces will be removed.

When reinstalling put on SuperAnti Spyware and Adaware along with Windows Defender and your antivirus of choice.

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It’s The New iPad Review

On friday morning I joined the queue for the new iPad. I have owned both the iPad and the iPad2 and have seen the evolution of what Apple has achieved, develop over the last 2 years to now the “new iPad”. We need to remember that the tablet is not an original device , with Microsoft releasing tablet software for devices in 2001 but Apple have been responsible for putting into the mainstream of consumer products. Apple’s new iPad is the standard on which all the other tablets will be compared to. Apple have taken a great device , added some tweaks and a high retina screen and made it even better. Are their radical changes , no , but there was no need to as the iPad2 was already a great device and the leader in tablets in the market place. They have just made it even better. The… Read More

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Do I Need To Defragment My Hard Drive

I am still asked by people running Windows Vista and Windows 7 whether they have to manually defragment their hard drive. Disk defragmentation is the process of consolidating fragmented files on your computer’s hard disk. For further explanation on disk defragmentation please read the attached link. What Is Disk Defragmentation? The short answer is NO if you are using Windows 7 and Windows Vista and YES if you are using Windows XP. In Windows 7 and Windows Vista this happens automatically but you can schedule this to run at other times  Windows XP however needs to be done from my experience about 6 times a year for an average user. So how do you get to Disk Defragmenter? Open Start , go to Computer. You will then see your hard drives. Right click on your C Drive and go to properties Open up the tools tab and you will see… Read More

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A Few Scanning Tips

A lot of people have scanners but the question I am always asked is about the seetings that should be used. So what settings do you use for scanning various items when using your scanner. Images for the web , website or an application such as powerpoint – 72dpi Scanning for an inkjet printer 200dpi Scanning for professional printing such as a brochure – anywhere from 300dpi up to 1200dpi Colour photographs should be scanned at 24bit color not at 8bit or 256 colours as they may come out blotchy The other setting to look out for is ,scan to , where you can say scan a page of text and send it to a word document for editing. This uses OCR , optical character recognition. The better the quality of the scan and the software will mean less editing to be done. Looking for more information then try this… Read More

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In Trouble With Windows Time To Use System Restore

If you have done something wrong with your computer , one of the best things you can do is perform a system restore where you can take your computer back in time to a date when everything was working properly. System restore can be accessed in 2 ways. From Safe Mode and from System Tools , Accessories Restart your computer During the boot process, press F8 to enter Safe ModeSelect Safe Mode with Command PromptPress Enter Select the OS (if multiple boot options are shown)Press Enter Select your User Account A command prompt window will open For Windows 7 type rstrui.exe and press EnterFor Windows XP type %systemroot%system32restorerstrui.exe System Restore will open    Select Restore my computer to an earlier time   Click the Next button Select a date you would like to restore your computer to and click next Windows will inform you when the process is complete

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10 Computer Retail Traps

This post was written with “tongue firmly planted in cheek” but these things still go on today in the industry and in Adelaide and are examples of poor advice and service that you could experience. 1. Shoddy Service: You drop off your laptop to get a new battery and it is still there after 6 months (It has happened) 2. Paying An Unnecessary Price: You are asked to pay a premium price to get your computer looked at when getting repaired and be bumped “up the queue” 3.Buying Something You Don’t Need: You buy a new computer and are pressured into buying antivirus software, so the store gets a commission.(Do some reasearch and amke an informed choice) 4. Ducking The Issue: You are told “we will contact you when your computer is ready” and get no answers until you ring them, then the technician is out at lunch, so you… Read More

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