Catch Up With My Radio Segments – W/E 20th Aug

This week we discussed: Protect your Facebook account Protect your online accounts Battery drain Broken smartphones Turn off Airdrop Plus listeners calls and texts     Read more

Catch Up With My Radio Segments – W/E 30th July

This week we discussed : Google Home Email subjects to avoid NBN and internet plans Smartphones in toilets Exploding laptops Plus listeners calls , texts and emails You can catch up with this weeks segments... Read more

The Bitcoin Explanation

With the wannacry and petya attacks we have recently experienced I have been asked the question to explain Bitcoin. What Are Bitcoins? Bitcoins are electronic currency, also known as ‘cryptocurrency’ /digital public money / a... Read more

Does the NBN Offer Accurate Details For Your Address ?

We are told to go to the NBN website for details on when connections will be live in our suburb and what type of connection we will be getting. Well on FIVEaa today at 1.00pm... Read more

Apple Announcements From WWDC 14th June & Microsoft Made Announcements As Well

I am always at a loss as to why companies make announcements when Apple do as they invariably get swamped by the Apple publicity machine. So today Apple at their WWDC made some major announcements... Read more