Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Issues


In Windows you may occasionally get issues with your wireless keyboard and or wireless mouse.

They will normally work but what happens when things don’t start to work properly.

Number 1

Check the batteries … many will be shocked to learn they do have batteries , I have taken 2 calls on this subject , this week alone.

So change them!

Number 2 

Can be bluetooth issues so removing and adding them back in usually fixes the issue , here is a link to that subject.

How and why to use Bluetooth on your Windows 10 computer



5 Key Lessons Children Should Know When Using The Internet

Children and internet

There are five key lessons all kids should learn in order to stay safe online – Google came up with this and I think it is spot on

These are:

  1. Be Internet Smart (Share With Care),
  2. Be Internet Alert (Don’t Fall for Fake),
  3. Be Internet Strong (Secure Your Secrets),
  4. Be Internet Kind (It’s Cool to Be Kind)
  5. Be Internet Brave (When In Doubt, Talk It Out).

All of which tackle the most negative elements of the internet.

More information can be found at the Google site Be Internet Awesome

10 Things That People Call The Adelaide Techguy For

I visit home owners , small business , consult to large business , offer training , give presentations and go on radio and tv to discuss various tech issues and news and give an opinion.

The following are 10 subjects that people call me for :

  1. Windows issues
  2. Slow computer
  3. Email Issues
  4. Windows training
  5. Apple Issues & training
  6. Internet Connection Issues
  7. Virus – Malware – Pop Ups
  8. Tablet Training
  9. Security issues
  10. Organise your new computer & setup your new computer

And yes let me repeat I visit home owners , small business , consult to large business and occasionally you can hear me on Adelaide radio and if you would like to see me then you can find my Details Here or just call 0419829145

Do You Know Your Email Settings ?

If you have ever had to configure an email account after reinstalling or when something goes wrong , do you know your settings to streamline the process.

hate to say this but most people do not.

Email settings from providers can and do change sometimes as with Telstra at the moment who are transitioning people over to a new platform ( a much better platform by the way ) .

So what do you need to know ?

  • Your email password
  • Incoming mail server
  • Outgoing mail server
  • IMAP or POP account
  • Is it SSL
  • Incoming Port
  • Outgoing Port

Just to name a few , so when you have set it up , take a photo of your settings with your smartphone and for your smartphone / tablets email settings  , take a screenshot.

Then if your email stops working or you have to reload your account on your current device or on a new device then you will be prepared.

Settings can be found on most major ISP websites.

Issues With Your Computer , Tablet , Smartphone – The First Thing To Do

Restart Your Devices

Restart – yes – Restart

If you are having any issues with either your computer , tablet or smartphone – restart the device.

I increasingly come across people that do not ever restart their devices for weeks or months on end – this is not right.

Tablets or smartphones at least once a week , computers – Windows 7 – every day , Windows 10 every couple of days – Apple Computers – every couple of days

So what can restarting fix :

  • Software & Operating system updates
  • Network issues
  • Software not starting
  • Multiple issues

When in doubt restart

Cyberbullying Discussion – FIVEaa – 17th

Please find below links to articles and software I discussed on FIVEaa with Jade Robran today

Office of the childrens safety commissioner


Report Cyberbullying

They have a social media safety centre which will help report bullying in the right direction depending on which platform you are on




There is an add on to Chrome that you can get called reword that will stop you writing the wrong words

The extension, called Reword, works by identifying potentially harmful language in real time to prompt users to reword their message or post.

 SecureTeen – costs $52.99 australian


For Computers

Promises to SecureTeen helps keep kids safe online. Be a better parent in the digital age with SecureTeen’s protective tools which will help you limit your child’s time online, restrict their access to harmful and mature content, and help keep them safe against online predators and cyberbullying

For Smartphones

Need to protect your kids from their own cell phones? SecureTeen can help you: keep an eye on your child’s internet use, keep stalkers and cyberbullies at bay, block all dangerous and adult content, and help manage their time online. SecureTeen has its finger on the pulse of all internet activity on your child’s cell phone.

PDFs On Windows 10 – Open And Alter In Word

Since Word 2013 you have been able to open PDFs with Word and then edit the PDF document or fill in / complete information in the PFD document.

To open in Word just right click on the PDF and use the – “Open With” option to select Word.

It will then open your PDF as a Word document and you can then alter the document etc , then when you are ready , save it as a PDF again.

This can be especially useful when you have to complete PDF forms.

If a PDF does not want to open in Word it can be that it was saved in a particular way for security or it was a scan of a document but I have found that most PDFs can be opened and aletered this way.