Do You Know Your Email Settings ?

If you have ever had to configure an email account after reinstalling or when something goes wrong , do you know your settings to streamline the process.

I hate to say this – but most people do not.

Email settings from providers can and do change sometimes. 

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Internet Safety Rules For Your Children & Some That Adults Need To Learn

  The graphic below emphasises some great tips that children and adults should be following : Don’t post something you will later regret Protect your online privacy Don’t fall for email phishing scams Talk about and deal with cyber bullying Behave online Have different passwords for different accounts Don’t download in app purchases unwittingly Avoid the worst places on the web Don’t become obsessed with the internet Avoid sharing personal information online 10 Internet Commandments for Kids Going Online [Infographic] by the team at Pumpic.

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10 Things That People Call The Adelaide Techguy For

Looking for computer repairs in Adelaide ? Well I visit home owners , small business , consult to large business , offer training , give presentations and go on radio and tv to discuss various tech issues and news and give an opinion. The following are 10 subjects that people call me for : Computer repairs Slow computer Email Issues Windows training & issues Apple Issues & training Internet Connection Issues Virus – Malware – Pop Ups Smartphone / Tablet Training Security issues Organise your new computer & setup your new computer And yes let me repeat : I visit home owners , small business , consult to large business and you can hear me on Adelaide radio and if you would like to see me then you can find my Details Here or just call 0419829145

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iOS11 Bluetooth Issues – When Your Car Will Stop Connecting

Many out there are experiencing bluetooth issues with iPhones running iOS11 and staying connected to your car ( experiencing dropouts). I was exactly the same and the following is the only thing that worked for me. Forget the device first – in bluetooth settings Turn off bluetooth Force restart your device (iPhone8) (iPhone7) Then go to settings – general – reset all settings You will have to  reenter a few preferences but my iPhone has worked a lot better and when I turned bluetooth back on it has synced and not dropped out with my bluetooth devices , including my car.

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Receive An Email Saying You Have Been Browsing Adult Content – What To Do

Whether you have or you haven’t been browsing adult content , do not respond to these emails – just delete them and remember your secret is probably safe , no one has been watching you and no one is going to send a video clip of you doing it to your contacts.  

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Catch Up With My Radio Segments – W/E 27th Aug

This week we discussed: Tech tips when you split up from your partner Email tips Is someone watching you watching adult content The Samsung Note 8 is coming New features coming in Windows 10 A battery free mobile phone Plus listeners calls and texts

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