Christmas Tech Suggestions – Part 1

During the next few weeks leading up to Christmas I will recommend some Christmas tech suggestions that people may wish to purchase. Smartphones – Top end: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max $1849 – Google Pixel... Read more

Tech Christmas Gift Ideas & Suggestions

I will be adding different suggestions to this page over the time leading up to Christmas. SMARTHOME VOICE ASSISTANT Google Nest Hub Max – $369 HEADPHONES FOR CHILDREN What you are looking for are ones... Read more

Track Your Health With Google Calender

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PDF – Open & Edit With Microsoft Word

There are times when you would like to edit a PDF ( Portable Document Format ) and with the latest version of Microsoft Office this becomes possible Read more

Do You Know Your Email Settings ?

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5 Key Lessons Children Should Know When Using The Internet

There are five key lessons all kids should learn in order to stay safe online – Google came up with these and I think it is spot on. Read more

Internet Safety Rules For Your Children & Some That Adults Need To Learn

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10 Things That People Call The Adelaide Techguy For

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iOS11 Bluetooth Issues – When Your Car Will Stop Connecting

Many out there are experiencing bluetooth issues with iPhones running iOS11 and staying connected to your car ( experiencing dropouts). I was exactly the same and the following is the only thing that worked for... Read more