Can I Monitor My Childs Facebook Account ?

I was asked last week if it was possible to monitor a Facebook page so that a parent could see everything that their child was doing. While there is software that is advertised that can be installed on devices – a visit to those pages will show that this software may not be what you are after.So what can you do ? Start early – oversee your childrens internet usage – encourage a good relationship about what happens online. Please talk to your children ,  educate them about internet safety , talk to them about  privacy settings and tools – teach them to not share everything publicly. If you see or know of an account for someone under the age of 13, please report it to Facebook – they will remove it. If your child is experiencing abuse on Social Media , I encourage you to ask them to log in to their accounts and report it – collect screenshots. Remember if you try and spy on your childrens social media they will just setup other accounts , remmeber you may try and control what happens in the home but when they have a smartphone with data they can access… Read More

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