Channel 7 – Busting The Scammers

Did you see the Channel 7 show on scammers on Sunday night?

They mentioned all the things I have been saying for years now

Don’t respond to phone calls when you don’t know who they are from:

  • It’s not the bank
  • It’s not Windows
  • It’s not Microsoft
  • It’s not your antivirus vendor
  • It’s not the tax department
  • It’s not the sherriff
  • It’s not Amazon

Don’t respond to emails about banking issues , logon to your bank on their website – that will tell you if you have an issue

Don’t under any circumstances allow a phone call to logon to your computer or smartphone

Never let anyone on the phone setup a bank account for you

It becomes obvious that the publicity campaign around this has failed as so many people still get caught

Remember if you have allowed remote access to your computer and they have accessed your accounts the bank will close your accounts down until you get a tech person to make sure that you are safe to go on the internet again

Finally also keep in mind that the bank will likely not assist you in getting your money back.

Here is a link to the Channel 7 website

Busting The Scammers

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