Cheap Cords & Chargers For Your Devices Can Be Hazardous

I have discussed on radio on several occasions the hazards of using cheap cables or cheap chargers with your electronic devices.

There have been cases of people buying the cheap cable or charger for their device to save a few dollars and ending in tragedy for the device and the user.

In the long term this can prove to be very dangerous with fires having been caused through the purchase of these chargers.

So what does a genuine charger do that a cheap charger may not ?

A genuine Apple charger or brand name charger will charge at a steady rate , say 10Kw but a ” non – genuine” one may charge at a fluctuating rate which can cause overheating.

So what do you look for and what should you do:

  • Always use a genuine charger that is right for your product and is made by the manufacturer or authorised by the manufacturer
  • Do not over-charge your device. Once your item is fully charged, disconnect it and turn the charger off.
  • Never cover your charger when it is in use. Chargers heat up in normal use and the build-up of heat can cause the covering material to catch fire.
  • Never use a charger if it shows any signs of damage or appears to not be working properly.

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