Christmas Tips And Suggestions

Be prepared 

  • If you have anything electronic for the children / wife / husband – it may pay you to know how it works 
  • Google the instructions
  • Charge the items up – take them out of the boxes , charge them up and put them back in the boxes
  • Gaming consoles , tablets , phones – will need the internet to work on Christmas day 
  • Batteries
  • Cables – buying a sound system / dvd players / printers make sure you can actually use them by checking that you have the correct cables

Social Media At Christmas

  • Think twice about broadcasting your location on social media – Facebook , Twitter 
  • Think twice about posting that Christmas or New Year picture of you doing something outrageous as it may come back to haunt you , remember if you would be embarrassed to see it in the Advertiser don’t take it or let it be taken of you

Use the holidays to learn about Social Media 

  1. Have a look at your privacy settings on Facebook etc and review them to make sure you are posting to the correct people
  2. If your children are on Facebook / Twitter / Snapchat and you don’t understand how Social media works , take the time to learn 

The 2 Worst Christmas Presents You Could Buy

  • Zoomies , they promise to put a pair of binoculars on your eyes for $29.95 and are enormous black plastic glasses where you wind the lens in and out 
  • The Ear Wax Vacuum for about $30 and it just does not work , It has color coded plastic sleeves for the whole family that you insert in your ear , then you turn on the vacuum – you hear some noise – check the filter and good luck if you find anything resembling wax 

App Of The Week


Download for your iPad / iPhone and from the 26th Dec – Jan 6th Apple will download something free to your device every day

Last year – there were tv shows , movies , apps , songs

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