Chrome OS Flex Could Be The Answer For Old Computers

Chrome OS Flex is a cloud-first operating system for PCs and Macs.

You will have seen Chromebooks for sale running the Chrome operating system which is fast and safe.

Chrome OS Flex uses a modified version of Chrome OS that you may be able to install on older computers.

So, what older computers will it run on?

Windows (7 or Vista) or on an old Mac, it’s free to use and you can quickly transform your old PC hardware into a fast, modern machine capable of performing most day-to-day internet operations.

Remember if you are going to try this, back up your data first and remember you will be living in the Google world, and you need to be online to use it effectively.

More information can be found at:

Chrome OS Flex

If you have an older computer and you would like to see if it can be upgraded, please CONTACT ME

More information can be found at Google launches Chrome OS Flex for Mac and PC; learn to install

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