Computer Freezes & A Tech Support Splash Screen Appears – What Should You Do ?

So your computer freezes and a splash screen appears urging you to call a number that appears to come from Microsoft – what should you do ?

First it has not come from Microsoft – you went to a webpage that was infected through the ads on the page.I have received calls again on this and people letting these ” so called tech support ” people logon to their computer – which you should NOT DO.

So should you call the number ? NO

This scam was created to trick you into calling the number on your screen so that the telemarketers can try and convince you into purchasing unnecessary services or software.

There is NO REASON to call this number, and if you have already have purchased services, I advise you to dispute the charges with your credit card company/ bank.

But My Computer Appears Locked

If you press CONTROL-ALT-DELETE you should be able to get to the task manager and then choose the SIGN OUT option , you can then proceed to Restart the computer.

If you cannot do this SHUT IT DOWN – take the power cable out or keep your finger on the power button until it closes down.

You can then restart it – delete your browsing history – reset your browsers

But I Did Let Them Logon

That was a mistake – if you paid them and I will show an example invoice below , you need to contact your financial institution to try and get your money back.

You will also need to get someone like me to ensure that your computer is now safe from their intrusion as you would be unaware of all the things they can do while logging onto your computer – install malware – remote login – take user names and passwords – harvest your contact list – take any personal information you have on your computer to be used at another time.

Contact me if this has happened to you: Contact: Richard Pascoe – The Adelaide Techguy

An Example Invoice From A Recent Scam

This company is reportedly in Perth ( doubtful as you pay in US dollars ) and I believe they are overseas.

There are numerous spelling mistakes and nonsense items on the invoice.

Author: Adelaide Techguy

Richard Pascoe is a technology consultant & technology commentator for the media on FIVEaa , ABC Adelaide , PowerFM , 5MU , 7AD and 7BU and has been seen on the Channel 7 news , Channel 9 News , Channel 10 news and Today Tonight . Richard gives his opinions on Microsoft , Google , Apple and deals with personal computers , smartphones and tablets.

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