Computer Security – It Is What You Do That Counts

Remember – When it comes to computer security it is what you do that counts

Email Security

When reading emails you have to be very careful and be wary of these emails that contain some of the following:

  • You have not inherited any money 
  • Nobody is going to double your money
  • Video links to the “dancing cat ” or jokes may contain malware 
  • Click here to confirm your details – never do this through an email 
  • Christmas bargains – if it seems too good to be true it probably is 
  • Parcel deliveries – they are not tracked through a link in an email 

Remember : If you don’t think it was meant for you it probably wasn’t 

Why keeping Windows up to date is like locking up your house 

  • Windows updates are your first line of defence against getting a virus or malware infection
  • Virus and malware infections access “holes” in the Windows operating system that have not been patched
  • If you have not done the updates then it is the same as leaving your doors or windows unlocked in your home and then going out 
  • Windows updates closes these ” holes ” – secures your doors and windows 

If Windows update is not working – you are already in trouble 

If System Restore does not work – you are in trouble

Antivirus Software

  • Don’t rely on your antivirus to save you from malware / virus infection 
  • Many people still run the trial antivirus that came with their computer 
  • Make sure your antivirus is running and active 
  • Windows 8 computers come with their own ( Windows defender ) and you don’t have to buy one , though you can as Windows Defender may not be adequate for your needs.

It’s What You Do That Counts 

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