I have been using the B.One Hub for a while now which has enabled me to have Home Automation and monitor my power consumption accurately through the Watt Watchers system which was installed to my meter box.

The question for a lot of people and businesses out there is the word ” accurate” – is my electricity account and what I use ” accurate? By installing the Watt Watchers system with my B.One Hub I can compare my accurate measurement with the readings that the power companies present to me on my bills.

The Watt Watchers power monitoring
Watt Watchers 

I am also able to then see the power that my home and office is consuming and adjust what is using the power to suit the conditions of the day.

But that is only the beginning.

When I leave my office in the morning I say ” Alexa Office Off ” and all power is shut down in my office.

When I am out I can see if anything is using power in my home and close it down remotely through the B.One App.

I can also , by using the B.One App have my office shut down at a set time.

You have seen and heard about the Home Assistants from Amazon & Google and have people telling them to turn the lights down , turn off the TV , well you can do that at a cost that may surprise you.Its not that hard by the way. We can show you how?

Not confident about talking to a ” Alexa ” or a “Google”- not an issue – you can do it all through your smartphone and the B.One App.

So what can the B.One App do:

  • Monitor and control lighting in your house.
  • Control air conditioners and other devices without compromising on your comfort.
  • Integrate your home appliances – pool pumps – tvs 
  • Secure your home – monitor when doors are being opened when there is no one home – can an alert on your smartphone
  • Get real-time energy consumption reports and avoid bill shocks.
  • If you have solar are you getting maximum benefit from your solar system.

It’s not that hard , if you have a smartphone – Apple or Android you are nearly there.

We can organise installation for you. 

You can control the power consumption and have an accurate monitor and record of what you are using.

So if you are interested , just contact me through the form below and i will get a B.One representative or myself to contact you and run through the details.