Covid-19 – Setup Help for Smartphones – Computers

Firstly, any app that you download for Covid-19 on your smartphone should go on a separate page on your phone.

Your vaccination certificate should go on your mySAGOV app also in your Wallet if on iPhones or Google Pay if on Android.

So how do we start this process.

First you need a myGov account.

Then you need to link your myGov account to Medicare , there are 2 options

Then you need to setup the Medicare Express App

This will enable you to see your vaccination certificate – you can then export your certificate into Wallet for iPhones and Google Pay for Android phones.

Here is how to setup the Medicare Express App

Setup the Medicare Express App

How to save your COVID-19 vaccination proof offline for easy access

NEXT – mySAgov

You will need to create a mySAgov account to assist with checking in with QR codes and to now show your vaccination certificate in SA establishments and businesses.

Here are links to assist:


Create a mySAgov account

Next if you are travelling you will need:

Health Check SA

Entry Check SA

Remember keep checking for updates to the apps

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