COVIDSafe App Available Now

The much talked about COVIDSafe app is now available on the respective app stores for Apple or Android smartphone users.

Remember it does not use your location and relies on bluetooth being turned on to collect ” close contacts ” names and phone numbers , not your location.

You can download the COVIDSafe app from the:

App Store at COVIDSafe

Google Play Store at COVIDSafe

When an app user tests positive for COVID-19

When someone is diagnosed with COVID-19, state and territory health officials will ask them or their parent/guardian who they have been in contact with. If they have the COVIDSafe app and provide their permission, the encrypted contact information from the app will be uploaded to a highly secure information storage system. State and territory health officials will then:

  • use the contacts captured by the app to support their usual contact tracing
  • call people to let them or their parent/guardian know they may have been exposed
  • offer advice on next steps, including:
    • what to look out for
    • when, how and where to get tested
    • what to do to protect friends and family from exposure

Health officials will not name the person who was infected.

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  1. to collect “close contacts” names and phone numbers. As it is collecting phone numbers, these can be used to track people?

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