Cyberbullying Discussion – FIVEaa – 17th

Please find below links to articles and software I discussed on FIVEaa with Jade Robran today

Office of the childrens safety commissioner

Report Cyberbullying

They have a social media safety centre which will help report bullying in the right direction depending on which platform you are on



There is an add on to Chrome that you can get called reword that will stop you writing the wrong words

The extension, called Reword, works by identifying potentially harmful language in real time to prompt users to reword their message or post.

 SecureTeen – costs $52.99 australian

For Computers

Promises to SecureTeen helps keep kids safe online. Be a better parent in the digital age with SecureTeen’s protective tools which will help you limit your child’s time online, restrict their access to harmful and mature content, and help keep them safe against online predators and cyberbullying

For Smartphones

Need to protect your kids from their own cell phones? SecureTeen can help you: keep an eye on your child’s internet use, keep stalkers and cyberbullies at bay, block all dangerous and adult content, and help manage their time online. SecureTeen has its finger on the pulse of all internet activity on your child’s cell phone.

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