Cyberflashing – Don’t Get Caught

Online safety experts have warned about a rise in new digital phenomenon known as “cyber flashing”, where explicit and abusive images are anonymously sent to strangers though iPhones.

Cyber flashing has become prevalent in schools and in public places, with the iPhone’s AirDrop feature being exploited to share unsolicited pornographic and offensive images, among both children and adults.

The AirDrop technology is used to allow one person to blast content on to the phones of anyone in a particular radius — usually 20 to 30 metres – via bluetooth and is a great idea for sharing photos and files between friends , macs , iPads & iPhones.

How to use AirDrop

Now what to do about Cyberflashing

1st talk to your kids about this and really anyone with an iPhone make sure your airdrop settings are set to Contacts Only or Receiving Off not everyone

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