Deleted A File & You Need It Back – You Should Use The Cloud

As we move more into relying on the cloud for our files to be stored and backed up as it is far safer to use these services in my opinion than say external drives as I would get calls every week saying my drive has died , I am asked the question , What happens when I delete a file that is stored in the cloud ?

When we have services like iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox to fall back on when you have accidentally deleted a file or folder from one of these platforms, you’ve got a few days before it’ll be erased for good.

iCloud -Files that you’ve deleted that were also being backed up to iCloud are kept for 30 days before being permanently erased.

Google Drive -Those that use Google Drive as your cloud storage should know that any file you delete from any of your connected devices will be kept for 30 days

OneDrive -For standard OneDrive accounts, deleted files are kept for 30 days, just like on the Apple and Google platforms. If you’re using an account managed by your workplace or have a business account, you get even longer to think about bringing your deleted files back — 93 days in fact.

So if you accidently delete a file or folder you can get it back by logging onto your cloud service.

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