Do You Need A Paid Antivirus Solution ?

Selecting an antivirus solution is a bit like a lawyer when you get in trouble , if you cannot afford one , one will be supplied for you.

Yes there are Free Solutions some of which I like and some I do not and ones that will let you down.

Remember that it is your actions that will cause you to get infected with virus and malware.

  • You do not keep your operating system up to date
  • You do not keep your software up to date 
  • You run an outdated operating system – outdated software
  • You browse to an unsafe webpage that has infected ads on it 
  • You click a link in an email that is fake
  • You download from “so-called ” free sites – movies / tv / software – they will invariably come with infections 

Lastly is the fact that you run as an administrator which means if you perform the above actions or just one of them that can result in infection because you were an admin you have given permission for the infection to run.

The antivirus is the last thing in the list for you , that you have done everything wrong that it maybe able to get you out of trouble.

Be aware that in many cases it will not.

On my Windows 10 Surface Book I just use Defender from Microsoft because i know what to do to not get infected.

Some will need to get a paid solution because they do a bit more but remember paid or free it is your actions that count.

More information can be found here: Virus & Malware Prevention





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