Does Your Computer Need A Service?

All computers need someone to look at them on a regular basis, every 1 to 2 years, to make sure they are running efficiently and to prevent disaster in the future.

So what happens when I visit you at your home or office.

  • I test your hard drive for errors – extremely important on computers as hard drives can and do die and if the drive is failing put a plan of action in for a replacement drive or transfer to a new computer.
  • Check your computer for infections both software and internet based and discuss your antivirus settings and requirements.
  • Set your Windows 10 / Windows 11 computer settings to run more efficiently.
  • Organise your backup – you need to be backing up
  • Setup your “cloud” if needed – most people do
  • Remove unnecessary software
  • Adjust your browsers – Chrome, Edge to make sure you are browsing the internet in the safest way possible
  • A full security check of your computer and accounts
  • Adjust what loads at startup
  • Adjust email settings where necessary
  • Educate you while I am there

Please call me on 0419829145 to make an appointment or email me at

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