EBay Hack – What Do You Need To Do

The EBay hack where hackers stole email addresses, encrypted passwords, birth dates, mailing addresses and other information, though no financial data, nor PayPal databases were compromised is the second biggest of its kind.

As with the recent Heartbleed security issue it does take time for companies to realise that this has occurred.

What should you do 

  • Change your password on EBay and on Paypal 
  • If you use the same password elsewhere , change that password too 
  • Turn on 2 factor authentication at Paypal so that your mobile number is registered and you receive a code when conducting transactions on that account 
  • Be extra wary of phishing emails that spoof eBay and PayPal and ask you to click on some link or download some security tool; attackers are likely to capitalise on this incident to spread malware and to hijack accounts.

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