Edifier – My Audio Recommendation

There are lots of companies that I like who make great quality tech products

  • Apple
  • Microsoft – the Surface Line
  • Samsung

These are companies that make products that I enjoy using and recommending them to clients and the radio listeners.

But what about audio ?

Edifier continually amaze me with their lines of great audio products – well made – sound is superb and when Edifier send me a review line to talk about , I invariably don’t want to send it back , that is the sign of a great product and company.

Edifier recently sent me their S350DB fully featured bookshelf speakers and I was blown away by the sound quality of these speakers – from rock to classical they sound great.

The Edifier S350DB also comes with a Wireless Remote Control

Features of the S350DB

  • Titanium Dome Tweeters
  • 8-Inch Booming Subwoofer
  • Bluetooth 4.1 aptX Wireless Sound
  • Connect your sources via Bluetooth, RCA, optical, coaxial or AUX

and with Edifier you get Free Shipping Australia-wide | 2 Year Warranty | 30 Day Return Policy

Price $349 and as they say on their site they deliver a premium audio solution

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