Email Services From TPG ,iiNet ,Internode Are Going

If you have internet from TPG, iiNet , Internode the email addresses associated with those companies , including companies that they have taken over ( Kern , Adam , Ozemail )will not be offering email accounts moving forward and will require you to a transition your current email account to a paid service if you want to keep that email account.

TPG – The Messaging Company Statement

iiNet – The Messaging Company Statement

Internode – The Messaging Company Statement

Why are they doing this ?

To concentrate on bringing you internet – no seriously that’s what they are saying.

So what to do ?

You will be offered to migrate your service to a related company “The Messaging Company “you will not be charged till the end of next year , we currently don’t know what the charge will be.

Do not ignore the email that you receive advising you of this from your internet service provider.

Make sure you have a list of everywhere your email address is used, My Gov , banking , 2 factor authentication etc

Long term what should you do ?

Either stay with the Messaging Company or think about moving to a Gmail address, address or get your own domain and email.

Key Dates

30th Nov 2023 – if you have not moved to the Messaging Company your emails will be deleted , your email account gone

15th Sept 2024 – after this date you will be charged

But do not ignore this and contact your internet provider if you have any questions but if you do nothing your email address will be deleted from the 30th Nov 2023 and cannot be recovered.

Here is a link to the Matthew Pantelis Interview on FIVEaa

There is also an online petition at protesting this move

I will update this post as i get more information.

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