Embrace The Cloud – But Follow The Rules

Lets Put The Celebrity Photo “ hack “ Into Perspective

Many media outlets blamed Apple and iCloud however it has been reported that the photos that were put on the internet came from Apple devices , Android devices and webcams.
This was a targeted attack on the celebrities.

So how did they do this?

  • Email account – email address they found this out
  • They knew the answers to the security questions used on these accounts – mothers name , favourite car , first job are not hard to find out 
  • Weak password that was used on multiple accounts
  • They could have clicked links in emails giving them access to their computers 

Lets not confuse iCloud and “ the cloud

  • The cloud is storing information and data at a separate location that you access via an internet connection.
  • There are very few people that have not used the cloud whether you are aware of this or not – when you use a credit card you are using “ the cloud “
  • iCloud is Apples software to back up your settings , photos , contacts ,documents ( made on Apples devices ) and is secure if you follow the rules for security

Turning off iCloud is not the solution

  • Good passwords are and do not use the same password on multiple accounts – or use a password mananger such as Last Pass
  • 2 Factor authentication should be turned on 
  • Look at your security questions , if you are a celebrity , first job , mothers name , favourite car are pretty easy to get 

Why upload and store your data on the internet ?

  • It is safe , your actions or lack of action is what makes it unsafe 
  • The easiest backup solution 

The Rules For Using The Cloud – Online Accounts 

  • Strong Passwords – no visible word that is in the dictionary – break the word up with numbers , symbols , capital letters
  • Don’t use the same password on multiple accounts
  • Look for and turn on 2 factor authentication 
  • Record your security questions and don’t give the standard answers 

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  1. Hi Richard, I love how you respond to important IT situations etc both on radio and on your website. I heard you on 5AA just now and came and read about what you said and like it laid out in dot point form.i also listen to ABC -891 and take note of what you say.Thank you for your community spirit and care.Di

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