Extend The Battery Life On Your Samsung Galaxy S3

I have recently been testing a Power Bank  Case For Samsung Galaxy S3 which is designed to carry a charge so that your phone when placed in the case will last longer through the day and run off the cases charge.

Mobile Zap , who have a great range of cases for all brands of smartphones , tablets , iOS and Android and most manufacturers, have supplied me with the Power Bank  Case For Samsung Galaxy S3

This case is charged via a usb cable that plugs into your computer .

You charge the case by:

Plugging a usb cord into your computer then into the case , charge the case , then add a charged phone into it.

The case is well made , sturdy and has a slide-out top for easy fit which slides into place for a good firm fit.

Did it work , yes it did. 

The case did make a difference to the life of the battery on the phone as we know that some brands of smart phones do struggle to make the day and with the Power Bank  Case For Samsung Galaxy S3 I was able to comfortably get through a day.

I am a big fan of cases that can carry a charge as we all use our smartphones so much these days and with the demand placed on them by apps and networks , they make the ideal accessory. 

Mobile Zap sells the case for $43.49  

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