Facebook – Instagram – Secure Your Account

Facebook , I receive many queries from people that lose access to their accounts that can be prevented by some simple steps.

The settings you need are in the settings , security and login section of your account.

First a good password – no visible words in your password, for example, crows1997 is atrocious, however Cr19ows97! is much better.

Next turn on 2 factor authentication, this means giving Facebook your mobile phone number so if someone does get your password you will receive a message from Facebook advising that your password needs to be changed.

Next: Choose 3 – 5 friends to contact if you get locked out.

Next: Turn on alerts from unrecognised devices


As a minimum turn on 2 factor authentication plus my password advice from above.

Next:Get backup codes

You will find these in the security section of your Instagram account

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