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Facebook are rolling out a ” nearby friends ” feature which is currently only available in the US , will show you when your friends are close by.

Once you turn it on Facebook will go through a 4 page explanation on the app , what it does , how it works and how you can also turn this off in settings.

More details can be found here

People should be aware that Apple have a similar feature in Find My Friends and Google do track you by default unless you turn it off with Google Location History

Windows Accounts

It is far safer to run as a limited user on your Windows or for that matter your Apple computer not as an Administrator.

This means that when software is installed it will require an administrator password 

So how do you do this?

  • Log onto User Accounts
  • Create an Admin user and password
  • Reboot and log onto the new Admin side 
  • Change the current account to a limited or standard user 
  • Log out of the Admin account and into the limited or standard user

Now whenever anything asks you to install you will need to enter a password which means that next time malware wants to run you should get a prompt that the program such as ” Backup My PC ” or similar wants a password to install which you would not allow as you have not installed it.

You only enter the password for programs you know to be genuine and that you are installing not ” drive by downloads “.

More information on Accounts and security can be found here 

Instructions on changing accounts in Windows can be found here 

Windows XP Advice

Not making the move from Windows XP – Click here for advice


Make sure you update Java

Instructions can be found here 

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