Free Wifi – Is There Anything To Be Concerned About

With the impending completion of the Adelaide city wifi network , how secure is it to use public wifi ?

Should you do your banking on one or any financial transactions , such as shopping 

These are open wifi networks , which means that traffic , your internet surfing is not encrypted , that means people ( bad guys ) can see what you are doing.

There are 3 ways you can be attacked 

  1. There are “man in the middle attacks” where a hacker puts themself between 2 computers and intercepts or changes communication between them 
  2. “Packet sniffers” where people use computers or mobile devices to intercept any information sent over unsecured wifi 
  3. Fake wifi networks which masquerade as legitimate networks in order to steal information 

So what do they steal ?

  • Use names and passwords for online banking , social media , emails , shopping 

So what should you do to prevent this?

  • Make sure your antivirus and firewall are on and working
  • Connect to the internet using “ public network on your computer “ which means you should not be sharing any files 
  • Turn off file sharing
  • Make sure the websites you visit start with https in the address bar 

If you want to do banking , turn off wifi , setup a hot spot with your smartphone and use its internet capabilities , this is far safer or just use your banks app from your smartphone or tablet 

The same applies to internet cafes , I would not do any banking on them as they can be a hotbed of insecure browsing due to little security maintenance being done on them.

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