Google Photos For Your Computer , Tablet , Smartphone

Google Photos is a great way to back up your photos on your computer , tablet and smartphone , whether it is on the Windows , Mac or Android platforms

Remember it is free to upload and use the service as long as you have a Google Account

It will also help you save space on your smartphone / tablet if you are running out of room.

I encourage everyone to install Google photos across all there devices , then all your photos will be combined into one collection.

Now they have introduced OCR – optical character recognition – the ability to find words in photos

This new capability will make it possible for you to locate a screenshot you took of your new password or that street sign on your trip to Europe and allow you to translate that sign.

You can now search with simple keywords and then click on the lens once you discover the photo you wanted to copy/paste its inherent text anyplace you please.

Here are some links to assist with Google photos

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