Google Pixel 7 Pro – My Android Phone Of Choice

Google sent me the Pixel 7 and the Pixel Pro 7 to review

I now have a new favourite Android phone – Why do I like it? – It’s a pure Google experience which means – No third party software, for example Samsung like to put their own Calendar, browser, note software on teir devices which i have never been a big fan of.

The Google Pixels run the latest Android , version 13 with support for 5 years

It was easy to swap between my iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Google Pixel, far easier than I have experienced before , simply use the supplied adaptor and it transfers your data, contacts, messages etc that are on your current phone.

Large, bright and great-looking 120Hz OLED screen on the Pixel Pro 7 that measures 6.7in on the diagonal. Turn it over and Google’s camera bar across the back is encased in polished aluminium.

Battery life I have found is excellent , easily get a day and more out of it , again dependant on usage , if you are shooting video all day it may impact , the same as watching video for extended periods.

As we all know smartphones are all about the camera which is great.

  • You can unblur photos – it works very well
  • The 10x optical zoom works well
  • Low light is great and quick
  • The selfie camera works well in a variety of conditions
  • Night photography is excellent

I have added some photos below

BTW high definition voice calling and Google flags spam calls

A wonderful experience using this Google Pixel phone and I highly recommend it

Google Pixel Pro 7 starts at $1299 the Google Pixel 7 starts at $999

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