Google Versus The ACCC – Should You Be Concerned

Google currently have links on their Google services , search , YouTube etc explaining their position with the ACCC.

The links appear to be concerning a few people due to the enquiries I am receiving.

Google on Monday published an open letter declaring that Australia’s proposed media bargaining laws were unfair and put the “way Aussies’ search at risk”, the ACCC retaliated , labelling the post as misinformation.

When you read the letter, Google said the proposed law, the News Media Bargaining Code, would force it to provide users with a “dramatically worse Google Search and YouTube”, which could lead to data being handed over to “big news businesses, and would put the free services you use at risk in Australia”.

The ACCC also reiterated that Google will “not be required to share any additional user data with Australian news business unless it chooses to do so”

However the code says:Google and Facebook would have to provide news organisations with 28 days notice of “significant algorithm changes” to allow them to adapt their business models.

This includes any changes that are “likely to materially affect referral traffic”, “affect ranking of news behind paywalls” or result in “substantial changes to the display and presentation of news, and advertising directly associated with news, on digital platform services”.

“This advanced notice would give all news media businesses the opportunity to implement strategies to maintain or increase audience reach and engagement with their news on digital platform services”.

When you read the statement from the ACCC it appears that the ACCC are contradicting their “draft code ” as Google and Facebook are required to share additional user data.

So what does this mean for the average web user , Just keep browsing as normal while this goes on but read both sides of the argument.

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