HDMI Cables – Don’t Waste Your Money & The Monday App

So you are about to buy a new TV and the store selling it to you tries to convince you that you need the “mega expensive” HDMI cable as it will deliver ” outstanding picture quality ” etc .

This is purely a marketing trick to get you to part with some extra money for a cable that you can get for half to a quarter of the price.

HDMI is a digital signal , 0s and 1s , and will work the same on a $10  cable or the expensive cable which is usually sold at a “Monster” price

Copy is cloud storage where they will give you 15GB of storage on the internet where you can store , documents , photos etc 

You can install it on your computer , smartphone and tablet and access your information on all these devices as there are Apps for iOS for iPads & iPhones and for Android devices.

Your documents are still on your computer but a “ copy “ is also in the cloud.

Change a document on one device and it is synced to the cloud and on all your devices that have Copy installed.

Copy is free 

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