Hell Has Frozen Over – I Have Moved To The Samsung S8 Plus

I have used an iPhone 7 Plus since its release but over the last few years I would get the Samsung Galaxy smartphones – test them – then pass it on and go back to my iPhone.

This time around though I have kept using the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and have no intention of giving it up.

Here is why:

  • It is a gorgeous device – surely the best designed visually appealing smartphone they have made
  • The screen is superb – really superb , with the wrap around screen – and it goes to the edge of the device
  • Battery life is excellent – I can use the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus all day – not charge it – then get up the next day and still have 25% – 30% left
  • It is quick and snappy and have not noticed any lag at all which does seem to plague so many Android devices
  • The camera is great , both front and back – the front camera has autofocus which works well
  • There is less of a Samsung presence on the device and the Samsung apps that are on the S8 Plus do however work well
  • It runs the latest Android operating system – 7 – and Samsung will keep sending out the security updates

So is there anything I don’t like – yes – the fingerprint reader is in the wrong position as it is next to the camera on the back which I am sure Samsung will fix on the S9 , I just use the number lock or the facial recognition.

I highly recommend the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

Photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

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