Home Schooling – Here Are A Couple Of Sites

Home schooling your children during the Covid-19 outbreak , here are a couple of sites that may help and that parents had recommended to me.


“Studyladder began with two Australian teachers who recognised that computer technology was a highly motivational tool that could be used to enhance learning abilities in their classrooms.

Studyladder offers a sequential learning program that includes videos, interactive activities, worksheets and assessments for reporting to teachers and to parents. All part of a complete learning program.

It caters for all learning needs from kindergarten to the end of primary school.

Most importantly children like using Studyladder. They receive instant feedback on what they need to learn, rewards and certificates for achievement, while parents and teachers receive information on progress.”

Duolingo ABC

Until now, Duolingo‘s focus was always squarely on teaching languages, but today, the company launched Duolingo ABC, a free English literacy app for children ages 3 to 6. Originally, the company had planned on unveiling this app later in the year, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it decided to launch it early to help parents who are now suddenly finding themselves homeschooling their children. It includes more than 300 short lessons that teach basic reading and writing skills.

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