How do scammers know my email address and password ?

Companies are breached by hackers all the time , just this week it was discovered that Adobe had exposed 7.5 million accounts which includes customers details

There are currently 8,507,235,000 accounts ( that’s your email address ) available on the internet to people that will spam you

Odds are that over the years you entered your details in a site that has been breached. You can check if your details have been leaked here.

Email Address – Passwords – Have They Been Pwned ?

There is currently also an email circulating that appears every few months saying you have been watching adult content ad in some of these emails it will show a password that you may or may not use – this is fake just delete it. Details here

So can we stop this , in a word .. no… but we need to make sure that junk email filtering is turned on in Outlook if you use it , Details Here , or if you use Gmail you probably do not see it as they handle junk email far better

Also if you wonder why sometimes scammers are ringing your mobile we need to look at companies that can sometimes have issues such as Optus which this week it was reported they inadvertently published 50,000 private phone numbers in the white pages

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