How Fast Is My Internet & Or My WiFi ?

The eternal question – how quick is my internet download speed and also how quick is my internet upload speed

So how do you measure?

Go to – run by Netflix is an independent source for judging your internet speed with an upload speed and a download speed measurement

When checking your speed you can judge by WiFi and by an ethernet cable plugged into the router

This can show then if a computer has an issue with its WiFi connection which can and does happen

When testing WiFi and internet speed there are a few rules to follow:

  • Don’t Do the Test Only Once
  • Don’t Test at the Wrong Time of Day – after the children come home from school – Sunday night when everyone
  • Don’t Do the Test in the Wrong Place – do it in the same room as the router not at the other end of the house
  • Make sure you do not have other devices using the internet at the same time
  • Before you test reboot your computer

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