Emails have been in the news with the announcements of Yahoo Email details being leaked onto the internet and the Pippa Middleton hack

So lets deal with the Pippa Middleton ” hack ‘ and what we can learn.

  • A good password – no visible words – capitalise at least one letter – have a number in it – use a symbol – for example 20Richa16!rd
  • Don’t tell anyone your password
  • Turn on 2 factor authentication – give the company your mobile phone number – then if someone tries to access your account you will receive a message on your phone 
  • Know your security questions and don’t make them obvious – favourite sporting team , place of birth , mothers maiden name 

If you have a Yahoo account your details maybe available on the internet 

You can check if they are by logging on and if you see a notice like this you probably have been.

However if you have a Yahoo email account here is my strong advice 

  • Change your password as above 
  • Turn on 2 factor as above 
  • Keep an eye on your bank account for fraud
  • Treat Yahoo emails with suspicion 
  • Swap to a Gmail account 

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